We are a team of professional software developers based in London and Brussels

We create products & services for Fintech and the Web

Our team consists of City professionals who each have over a decade of Tier 1 banking experience. We bring you the benefit of our expertise to help you create Fintech, quantitative and front-to-back bespoke application design services. Reposit is also a member of the Apple Developer Program and can help you make the most of your mobile potential.

Web & Interactive

We speak many languages - C++, Java, Python, C, Swift, HTML5 & JavaScript - and we've worked on Linux, Windows and Apple platforms as well as the latest in web technologies.


Most of our work revolves around the Fintech arena and we're able to provide you with bespoke models and solutions.

We love what we do

We've each spent almost 2 decades in the software industry, writing and creating innovative and high performance systems for the financial services sector.

What We Do

We draw on our broad experience to create software systems that work for you not against you, to help your business perform. Reposit is also a member of the Apple Developer Program so we can help you with mobile and app solutions too.

Fintech Applications

We have considerable expertise in creating Financial instrument models and plugging these into multi-tier industrial strength applications.

Web Development

We've created secure, performant websites for major names with applications ranging from online banking for high net worth clients, Trade booking engines and risk management systems to online clearing platforms.


We have experience in making your web presence secure and in all aspects of software internal audit requirements.


QuantLib implements an object library in support of quantitative finance. The Reposit application parses the QuantLib code and generates an application layer called QuantLibAddin which enables QuantLib objects to be stored in an object repository. This facilitates deployment of QuantLib functionality to end user platforms such as spreadsheets. We at Reposit Ltd are experts in QuantLib and can help you with professional support and enhancements. An example of a recent QuantLib project that we have implemented was an enhancement to calculate the exercise probability of Bermudan Swaptions.


reposit implements an object repository in which objects may be created, interrogated, updated, and destroyed. The repository facilitates deployment of object oriented libraries to procedural platforms such as spreadsheets. The project also provides a utility to scan the header files of your C++ library and automatically generate reposit-enabled addins for C++ and Excel. This makes it easy to export your object library to Excel, and to export/import data to/from Excel and C++.

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Quantlib XL

QuantLibXL is the Excel implementation of QuantLibAddin. QuantLibXL is an Excel addin allowing QuantLib objects to be stored in the object repository. The Framework is an application layer written for QuantLibXL. This layer wraps the Excel addin in additional end user functionality such as initialization, imports, and exports. The Launcher is a front end to an Excel desktop pricing environment. The Launcher handles automatic startup of an Excel session for real time pricing, and automates the initialization of required components, including Reuters, Bloomberg, and Excel addins.

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OpenGamma is an open source analytics library. We are experts in installing, configuring, extending, and supporting OpenGamma.


XLW is an open source application that wraps the Excel C API in simple C++, C# or VB.NET interfaces which you can use to customize Excel with your own worksheet functions and menu items. We are experts in the XLW application and we have made substantial contributions to the project. We can provide professional support and enhancements for XLW applications.

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Software delivery, operations and business support

We have broad exprience in software delivery, operations and general PC related support issues, making us well placed to help in all other aspects of the IT world.

This is who we are

Rob Nightingale

Co Founder

Eric Ehlers


Etuka Onono

Resident Genius

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Email: info@reposit.ie